Serious Threats To Your Child's Teeth

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Keeping permanent teeth healthy means maintaining a strict routine of brushing and flossing and making sure that your child visits the dentist on a regular basis for checkups and cleanings. Even if oral hygiene is excellent and dental appointments are kept, certain things can pose serious threats to your child's teeth and gums, such as the following.  Injuries If your child plays sports, chances are that he or she may sustain a sports injury that may knock out his or her teeth.

19 November 2019

3 Life-Changing Benefits Of Having Dental Implants Put In By A Dentist

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Missing teeth can seriously affect your confidence, as every time you go to smile, gaps are evident. If you're looking to address this issue head-on, consider getting dental implants. They come with so many life-changing benefits.  Improve Self-Esteem  As mentioned earlier, missing teeth can take away a lot of your self-esteem and confidence. You shouldn't have to go through life this way. You can make a positive, noticeable change with dental implants.

22 October 2019

Habits To Avoid If You Have Dental Implants

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The habits you engage in after your dental implant treatment have a big effect on the implant healing process. If you are not careful, then your bad oral habit can even cause your dental implant to fail. Below are some of the bad habits that you should avoid if you want your dental implant treatment to succeed. Smoking Smoking causes all manner of health and dental problems. However, smoking is even more dangerous for those who are gearing up for or have just received dental implants.

24 September 2019

Allergy In Dental Treatment And Coping Mechanisms

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Some forms of dental treatments can trigger allergic reactions in some people. The allergic reactions can range from mild issues to serious health effects depending on various factors such as the extent of the exposure as well as the sensitivity of the affected patient. Below is an overview of the connection between allergy and dental treatments. Common Dental Allergies Allergic reactions can come from all angles once you are in the dentist office.

22 August 2019

What To Expect At Your Teeth Whitening Appointment

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If your teeth have begun to turn yellow, it isn't necessarily a sign that you've done anything wrong. The outer surface of your teeth is made of a substance called enamel. As you grow older, the enamel on your teeth naturally gets thinner, exposing the more pigmented dentin underneath. Stains from certain medications, foods, or beverages can also contribute to tooth discoloration. Fortunately, your dentist can perform a whitening treatment in their office.

22 July 2019

Do You Have Several Teeth That Need To Be Replaced? 4 Benefits Of Partial Dentures For Your Oral Health

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You have a wide array of tooth replacement options, today, that you can choose from, to restore your smile. While the recent advances in implant dentistry have everyone talking, the truth is that there are times when you may need to go with a different option. The right type of tooth replacement, for you, depends upon factors such as the health of your gums, your budget and personal preferences. As you consider your options, keep these four reasons in mind that partial dentures may be the best decision you can make.

27 June 2019

The Process Of Getting A Dental Crown Installed

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Do you have teeth that are damaged and no longer have the strength that they once had, or teeth that are just in need of cosmetic enhancement? If so, a dental crown can be the solution to your problem. Here is what you need to know about the process of getting a dental crown installed. The Cause For A Crown There are many reasons why a dental crown may be needed.

28 May 2019

How To Recover After Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Despite what their name insinuates, the last thing that your wisdom teeth are going to give you is wisdom. In fact, these hidden wisdom teeth may only give you shifting teeth and a whole host of other dental problems. So, what if your dentist finds out that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed? Well, they will usually remove them under general anesthesia. Then, once you are sedated, they will make some small incisions into the gums in the back of the mouth, remove the wisdom teeth, and then stitch you up.

23 April 2019

Here's How Your Dentist Can Help To Make Your Teeth Appear Smaller

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It's important for you to feel confident and comfortable with the way that your teeth and smile look. If you have teeth that you consider to be too long, it can get in the way of you accomplishing that. The good news is that cosmetic dentists are able to help with this issue. Here's what you should know about making your teeth look smaller. Why Shaving Isn't a Good Idea

27 March 2019

How To Help Your Kid Have Teeth That Are Cavity Free

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One concern you may have about your kid's oral health is how to prevent them from getting cavities. Even baby teeth have the risk of getting cavities, and having to get a dental filling is an experience you'd rather your child not go through at such a young age. These tips will help prevent your kid from getting cavities in the baby teeth or adult teeth. Drink More Water While it is quite obvious that every kid needs to drink water to remain healthy, you may not be aware of the effect it has on oral health and cavity prevention.

21 February 2019