Treatment Options For Impacted Teeth

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Impacted teeth are teeth that are unable to erupt through the gum tissue. This issue most commonly affects the wisdom teeth; however, your canine teeth can also become impacted. Occasionally, impactions can be partial, which means that the teeth have partially broken through the gums. Impacted teeth do not always cause symptoms and are sometimes only revealed in a dental x-ray. When symptoms are present, they may include pain when chewing and opening your mouth, an unpleasant taste in your mouth when biting down, and bleeding gums.

2 December 2021

Why Choose A Dental Implant Over A Bridge For A Single-Tooth Restoration?

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There are multiple reasons to choose a dental implant instead of a fixed dental bridge for a single-tooth restoration. Here are a few of them. A Dental Implant Can Help Promote Good Jawbone Health The stimulation from the pressure received by a tooth during mastication is transferred to the bone of the jaw, where it encourages the tissue to produce additional bone cells. The constant production of new cells maintains the girth and health of the jawbone.

26 October 2021

4 Crucial Signs You Should Visit The Dentist Office

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Dental health is as important as your overall health and can affect your quality of life. Therefore, you should consider visiting a dentist's office for teeth cleanings and check-ups. But when should you visit the dentist office to seek help due to a dental problem? Watch out for the following critical signs that indicate you need professional dental intervention. 1. Extreme Toothache Pain and swelling are your body's ways to communicate that you have a problem.

16 September 2021

What Is Invisible Orthodontics?

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Orthodontics has proven to be an effective way of straightening teeth and correcting tooth misalignment issues over the decades. However, one aspect of orthodontics that puts some would be patients off is the visibility of braces. Traditional braces are almost impossible to conceal during your day-to-day activities. This is why many patients turn to invisible orthodontics. But what exactly is invisible orthodontics? Invisible orthodontics is a more discreet way to correct malocclusion.

5 August 2021

A 3-Step Guide To The Dental Implant Procedure

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Have you ever considered dental implants to replace missing teeth but hesitated because you need more information? Once you understand the process of installing new dental implants, it's easy to see why they are a popular and long-lasting option. This guide will introduce you to the 3-step dental implant procedure. 1. Preparation When you ask your dentist about dental implants, they will be able to tell you whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.

24 June 2021

How Can Implant Dentistry Help Get Your Smile Back?

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Are you looking to replace one or several missing teeth to enable you to smile confidently again? You have a good option for dental implants, which are drilled into your jawbone to look like real teeth. Implant dentistry offers a lifetime solution to missing teeth. Implants have several advantages over dentures and dental bridges. Here are some reasons to explore dental implants with your dentist. Implants Are Convenient Implant dentistry does not alter the shape of the adjacent teeth as is needed by dental bridges.

18 May 2021

Top Reasons To Schedule A Visit With Your Local Dentist

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Dentists offer vital services for people of all ages. If you have not had a checkup lately or had any work done on your teeth, you might want to schedule a visit. Here are some of the top reasons people schedule visits with dental offices. It Has Been Over Six Months Since the Last Visit If you ask a dentist how often you should visit a dental clinic, they will probably say every six months.

5 April 2021

Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances Can Help Children Sleep Better At Night

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Most instances of sleep apnea occur in adults and can be very difficult to fully manage. Sadly, this problem can be even worse for children, as they need a lot of sleep to develop and be happy. Children who are not suited for surgery or other types of therapy may need high-quality appliance therapy to decrease their suffering and make it easier for them to breathe easily at night without trouble.

22 February 2021

4 Things To Look For In A Dental Clinic

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Dental care is important for people of all ages. Dentists have the skills and expertise needed to professionally clean teeth, diagnose cavities, offer restorative treatments, and promote gum health. However, the dental clinic that's right for you will depend on a few different factors. Here are four things that patients can look for when choosing a dental clinic: 1. Insurance Compatibility Dental insurance is optional, but it can drastically reduce the amount of money you pay for dental services.

6 January 2021