Missing Teeth: Replacing Them is Easier Than Ever

I have always been an avid hockey player, and my love took a bad turn one day when I got struck in the mouth with the puck. It was a painful moment that left me with two teeth knocked out of my mouth. Had I taken the right steps after the accident, I could have possibly saved the teeth, but I did not know I had that option at the time. Thankfully, I worked up the courage to visit a dentist and ask what my options for teeth-replacement were. I was worried I would would have to live the rest of my life without smiling, but I was ecstatic to learn that I was the perfect candidate for dental implants. I created this blog to help others realize that there are so many options to replace missing teeth today that no one has to "just live with" an imperfect smile!

What To Expect When Getting Veneers

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Rather than trying to change the appearance of your teeth, one alternative is to use veneers instead. When trying to whiten your teeth, you might fail to achieve the desired results. However, when you use veneers, you will be able to immediately change the appearance of your teeth.

Reasons to Get Veneers

Veneers are a thin layer of material that is placed over your teeth and is meant to look like real teeth. However, unlike real teeth, veneers are highly durable and stain-resistant. Meanwhile, your actual teeth are protected by the layer of material placed over them. Some teeth are misshapen or chipped. They might also have stains. Veneers can cover them so you can have a beautiful smile.

Veneers Do Not Last Forever

Dental veneers do not last forever, and you will eventually need to have them replaced. However, veneers do not cost a lot of money and are easy to replace. If you would like your dental veneers to last longer it's a good idea to choose porcelain veneers that last much longer. 

How to Know if You're the Right Candidate

Dental veneers are beneficial if you are not suffering from gum disease or tooth decay. If you are suffering from these conditions, your dentist will likely encourage you to wait until they have been resolved before you get veneers. 

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, veneers only require that a small amount of your tooth be removed to create space for your dental veneers. The veneers are designed to look like the rest of your teeth. They have the same tooth color and the same shape. 

How a Cosmetic Dentist Installs Veneers

To make sure that the veneers fit perfectly, your dentist will take X-Rays and will learn as much about your teeth as possible. Then, they will begin the process of shaving layers off of your teeth until they are ready to have the veneers attached.

The teeth will usually need to be roughened so that the adhesive sticks better to your teeth. This will allow the veneers to remain more easily in place. The veneers are held in place by cement and a special ultraviolet light is used to harden the cement more rapidly. 

After the Surgery

After the procedure, you will be able to go home. However, your cosmetic dentist will invite you to return so your veneers can be inspected to make sure they're properly in place. Then, your dentist can make any necessary corrections so your veneers will last a long time.

For more information, contact a cosmetic dentist near you.


2 August 2022