Missing Teeth: Replacing Them is Easier Than Ever

I have always been an avid hockey player, and my love took a bad turn one day when I got struck in the mouth with the puck. It was a painful moment that left me with two teeth knocked out of my mouth. Had I taken the right steps after the accident, I could have possibly saved the teeth, but I did not know I had that option at the time. Thankfully, I worked up the courage to visit a dentist and ask what my options for teeth-replacement were. I was worried I would would have to live the rest of my life without smiling, but I was ecstatic to learn that I was the perfect candidate for dental implants. I created this blog to help others realize that there are so many options to replace missing teeth today that no one has to "just live with" an imperfect smile!

The Process Of Getting A Dental Crown Installed

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Do you have teeth that are damaged and no longer have the strength that they once had, or teeth that are just in need of cosmetic enhancement? If so, a dental crown can be the solution to your problem. Here is what you need to know about the process of getting a dental crown installed.

The Cause For A Crown

There are many reasons why a dental crown may be needed. If a tooth has a large filling in it already, the motion of chewing can be enough to cause the remaining portion of the tooth to break off. Teeth can also become damaged by trauma, from something as simple as biting down on a popcorn kernel to physical trauma from an accident.

The Tooth Reshaping

If you have a broken tooth, know that the tooth still needs some surface are for the crown to attach to. A dentist will often reshape a tooth so that crown will fit snugly over the tooth's surface. It starts by cleaning the tooth to make sure that there is no decay on the surface, and then the dentist will place a composite resin on the tooth and reshape its structure. A light is used to cure the resin so that it solidified itself to the tooth. Without this resin, the crown will not have the strength it needs to be effective for chewing.

The Impression

Your dentist will take an impression of the damaged tooth so that they can create the crown. This is done by biting down on a special tray that will record the shape and placement of all your teeth. The tray is filled with a putty that makes it easy to bite down on and leave an impression of your teeth that will not shift.

The Temporary Crown

A temporary crown will be necessary to protect your reshaped tooth while the permanent dental crown is made. The dentist will put the temporary crown on the tooth and ask you if it feels normal in its position. If so, they will color the crown so that it matches the color of your existing teeth. The temporary crown is then placed on the reshaped tooth with dental cement.

The Permanent Crown

Your dentist will let you know when the permanent crown is ready to be installed. You'll return to the dentist to have the temporary crown removed. The permanent crown will be installed in a similar manner as the temporary crown, and you'll be on your way with newly restored teeth.

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28 May 2019