Missing Teeth: Replacing Them is Easier Than Ever

I have always been an avid hockey player, and my love took a bad turn one day when I got struck in the mouth with the puck. It was a painful moment that left me with two teeth knocked out of my mouth. Had I taken the right steps after the accident, I could have possibly saved the teeth, but I did not know I had that option at the time. Thankfully, I worked up the courage to visit a dentist and ask what my options for teeth-replacement were. I was worried I would would have to live the rest of my life without smiling, but I was ecstatic to learn that I was the perfect candidate for dental implants. I created this blog to help others realize that there are so many options to replace missing teeth today that no one has to "just live with" an imperfect smile!

Have Bad Breath? Make A Hygienist Appointment

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If you feel like your teeth aren't clean, or that you have bad breath, schedule an appointment with your dental hygienist. The dental office you use may not have a fast opening to get you seen by the dentist, but they should be able to get you in with just the hygienist.

The hygienist is able to clean your teeth and tell you if they see anything that looks like a questionable cavity, or anything that needs attention before your next scheduled visit with the dental professional at a place like Legacy Dental Arts. Here are a few reasons a hygienist appointment is ideal.

Fast Scheduling

There are multiple hygienists that see patients, but often just one or two dentists per office. An appointment where you only need to see the hygienist should be something that can be done quickly. When you call the office they can let you know when the soonest opening is, and you don't have to wait for a time slot the dentist has open.

Lower Cost

If you aren't getting a consult by the dentist and you aren't having x-rays taken, it might be much more affordable at the visit than a regularly scheduled appointment. This means you can get in and out without having to spend a fortune.

You can also try to find a local dental hygienist school or dental school that can do the cleaning for you at a low cost, or possibly free, because it's really good practice for the students during their training.

Target the Problem

The hygienist is going to remove the plague and debris that could be causing your teeth to feel dirty, and that causes odors in your mouth. They are going to scrape the areas where you can't reach with your brush, and floss deep into the gums to create a healthier smile. They can also talk with you about things that cause bad breath, or things you could be eating that make your teeth feel dirty.

Keeping hydrated throughout the day can help you fight bad breath germs, along with remembering to floss in the morning and at night. Sometimes different prescription medications and supplements can contribute to bad breath as well. If the dentist thinks you have the early signs of gum disease and that you need to see an endodontist for a deep tissue cleaning, this may also help with your bad breath.


29 July 2015