Missing Teeth: Replacing Them is Easier Than Ever

I have always been an avid hockey player, and my love took a bad turn one day when I got struck in the mouth with the puck. It was a painful moment that left me with two teeth knocked out of my mouth. Had I taken the right steps after the accident, I could have possibly saved the teeth, but I did not know I had that option at the time. Thankfully, I worked up the courage to visit a dentist and ask what my options for teeth-replacement were. I was worried I would would have to live the rest of my life without smiling, but I was ecstatic to learn that I was the perfect candidate for dental implants. I created this blog to help others realize that there are so many options to replace missing teeth today that no one has to "just live with" an imperfect smile!

Four Fabulous Ways To Feel Better After Cosmetic Dental Work

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Cosmetic dentistry can help you to restore your beautiful smile and give you a boost of confidence, but the procedure may leave you feeling tired and in some significant pain. Since it might take a few days before you feel like your old self again, consider the different ways you can pamper yourself as you heal. Here are just a few things you can do to make the recovery process go a little bit more smoothly.

Create A Posh Place To Sleep

Sleep may be difficult to come by if you are in pain after a cosmetic dental procedure. You can improve your chances of getting a restful sleep by getting creative with your bed setup. If you are a side sleeper, invest in a comfy travel pillow. Lay the pillow flat on your bed, and rest your head so that the side of your mouth rests in the center without touching the actual pillow. This prevents pressure on your mouth, leaving you more comfortable. You can also add a wedge pillow to your bed to keep your head elevated, which can keep your head and neck perfectly aligned as you sleep.

Treat Your Taste Buds

If you aren't able to eat solid foods, you can still enjoy delicious flavors as you heal. Sweet milkshakes make the perfect dessert for recovering from dental work. Consider fruit and vegetable smoothies to ensure you are getting the proper nutrition even when you can't eat your favorite foods. Meal replacement smoothies and shakes can help you to feel full throughout the recovery process. Be sure to choose drinks that won't stain your brand new dental work.

Have A Few Laughs

Sometimes, a good laugh is just what you need to take your mind off the pain of recovering from a dental procedure. Rent or download some of your favorite comedies and curl up on the couch for a mini movie marathon. You can also binge-watch your favorite sitcoms on a streaming video site to help pass the time until you are back to normal.

Pamper Yourself With A Massage

Dental work can be stressful, but a relaxing massage can melt away stress and leave you feeling refreshed. Talk to your massage therapist about using pressure points to help relieve your tooth pain, which can help you to feel better without the use of medications. If you aren't up for a full massage, consider a full pedicure that includes a foot massage to help you feel pampered and invigorated.

Use these tips to spoil yourself as you recover from cosmetic dentistry procedures. Within a few days, you'll feel good enough to take on the world and show off your new pearly whites.


14 July 2015